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Welpac Packaging Services Benoni

Welpac Services Benoni with a vide range of packaging services.


Benoni is a town in the Gauteng province of South Africa. It was established as a mining camp after gold was discovered nearby and has been designated an official city since 1989. The town sits at 5,419 feet above sea level with two sides overlooking four lakes on either side

It's rich history includes being declared an official township by Sir George Farrar during his time as chairman for this area back in 1908 who landscaped its valley floor to make it easier for those living there 

The first discovery of minerals happened when some prospectors came across flakes of what they thought were copper near Ubizi village which led them to dig deeper where they found more than 200 ounces (6 kg) worth within hours.


Benoni today

Benoni is a diverse city with plenty of horse stables. You will find more schools per sq km than anywhere in the southern hemisphere, and some areas have up to 6000 students living within 5km radius from one another! It's home to Ashton International College that was founded all the way back in 1998.


Though gold mining has decreased in importance over time, the city still focuses on industry and services. It is a service hub for other East Rand towns such as Brakpan, Nigel and Springs which are located nearby. Benoni also houses an airport that provides helicopter travel to those who need it most urgently--a fast way of getting around with ease!


A visit to Benoni should include a trip to the town's local museum, which houses many artifacts from all over Africa. Visitors can also enjoy lakeside fishing and sailing or stroll through Northmead Square, where you'll find cinemas that resemble old-fashioned theaters!


Bunny Park is a safe haven for children to interact with animals. This park has an endless amount of rabbits and other small creatures that will keep the kids entertained all day! Willowmoore Cricket Field invites cricketers from around the world, as it's also used by One Day International cricket teams. Sibikwa Theatre brings in international talent while being set back home on this side of town since 1989!


The 1990s were a time of great change for Benoni, South Africa. The city was the site of an annual international festival called WOMAD where artists from all over would come to perform and show off their talents. Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron grew up in this town during that decade as well before beginning her career on the big screen with starring roles in films like Mad Max: Fury Road (2015). In 2005, MTV released its own movie based out of Benoni entitled Crazy Monkey Straight Outta Benoni which documented life there after being inspired by American entertainment media such as hip hop music videos or television shows depicting African gangsters living it large while dodging the police at every turn.

  • Mark Stent, DJ/Producer, Record Label Owner
  • Themba Nkosi, better known as Euphonik
  • Karabo Gosebo
  • Jill Trappler, visual artist
  • Bradley Player, cricketer
  • Genevieve Morton, top model
  • Morris Kahn (born 1930), Israeli billionaire, founder and chairman of Aurec Group
  • Philip Holiday, IBF World Champion Boxer
  • Bryan Habana, former Springbok Rugby player
  • Mildred Mangxola, singer and member of the Mahotella Queens
  • Jessica Marais, actress
  • Brian Mitchell, boxing champion,
  • Koos Ras, singer, comedian, writer and businessman
  • Charlize Theron, Oscar-winning actress
  • Charlene, Princess of Monaco, (née Charlene Wittstock), swimmer, and consort of Prince Albert II of Monaco
  • Victor Vic Anthony Toweel, undisputed World bantamweight champion and South African boxing champion. He and his brothers were known as the ‘Fighting Toweels’ as they’d all won various regional boxing titles acround the world and Willie Toweel won bronze medal at the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki.
  • Oliver Reginald Tambo, ANC, ANCYL and SACP hero during the Apartheid regime. He is one of the original co-signees (along with Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela et al.) to the ANC’s Freedom Charter (signed in 1955), most of which formed the preamble to South Africa’s Constitution and many of the country’s current policies.
  • Frith van der Merwe, former schoolteacher and the most prolific female runner in the history of the Comrades Marathon. Her records in the up and down runs in the Comrades Marathon (set in 1988 and 1989 respectively) as well as her 1989 Two Oceans Marathon winning times still stand today.  

The city of Benoni is affectionately known as the City of Lakes. The string of four lakes, Homestead Lake Middle Lake Civic lake and Kleinfontein, Rynfield dam and numerous pans inspire this nickname due to their abundance in ponds such as Korsman’s Bullfrog or Sandpan Ponds among many others

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15 Tom Muller Ave, Sybrand Van Niekerk Park, Meyerton, 1961

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